Grizzlies coach ‘just curious’ about another Warriors play he didn’t like

Memphis Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins is a curious fellow.

He’s curious about lots and lots of things. On Saturday, he was curious about Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole, whom he believed grabbed Memphis star Ja Morant’s knee and “yanked it.”

“I’m actually going to be very curious to see what happens after that,” he said, noting they were going to discuss the play internally before approaching the league about reviewing it (the league ultimately didn’t take any action against Poole, agreeing with the many, many former and current players and prominent NBA insiders who called the insinuation BS and/or a joke).

ESPN’s Marc Spears pressed Jenkins on Saturday to clarify what he was curious about, exactly. “Are you saying he did it on purpose? On accident?”

“Watch the film, I don’t know,” Jenkins said with a dismissive tone. “I’m saying that happened, that triggered it. I don’t know what goes through a guy’s head.”

“Are you saying he did it on purpose or accident?” Spears pressed again.

“No, I didn’t say it was on purpose,” Jenkins said incredulously, while scoffing. “I said the play happened where there was a grab, I’m just curious what happened.”

He’s just curious, you guys.

Well on Monday, following an ugly basketball game in which the Warriors trailed until the last minute to win 101-98 and take a 3-1 series lead, Jenkins was once again — yep, you guessed it — curious.

“Is that the shot you wanted?” a reporter asked Jenkins, referring to Jaren Jackson Jr.’s rushed 3-point attempt at the top of the key, which was blocked by Draymond Green.

“Yeah, I mean, we were trying, with 19 seconds left, to go quick — get a quick two, a quick three,” Jenkins said. “I think maybe a shot that was a little rushed right there. I’m actually curious you know, um, what they’ll say. I think there was contact, you know, I’m just curious what they’re going to say at the end of that one. That was heavily contested but I think there was a lot of contact, um, you know,” an extremely curious Jenkins added. “Probably a rushed shot on our part, but just didn’t go our way.”

The play in question came with 13.4 seconds left. Jackson Jr. came off a screen at the top of the key, rose up from five feet behind the 3-point line and tried to lean into a deep ball. Green rose to meet the ball, got a finger-tip on it as Jackson Jr. kicked his legs out, and the shot missed badly. Jackson Jr. immediately fouled Steph Curry, and he didn’t protest about all the contact that made Jenkins so curious.

During the same play, Jenkins can be seen on the sideline, putting his hands on his hips and not protesting the call in any way to any official, despite his intense curiosity.

Asked about the shot after the game, Jackson Jr. was far less curious thank Jenkins. “The one I missed? I missed,” he said. “I just missed.”

The Warriors will look to finally put Jenkins’ curiosity to bed on Wednesday when they travel to Memphis for Game 5 at 6:30 p.m.

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